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Cow Squishmallow

Cow Squishmallow

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Playing with toys gives kids an infinite amount of happiness. But do you know what could double the happiness? If it’s not just a toy, but an adorable Cow Squishmallow!

Squishmallows are perfect for making your child happy. There is nothing more kids love than having something they could squeeze and cuddle as much as they want. So, in this case, if you’re looking to buy a gift for your kid, what could be better than a super cute Squishmallow such as the Squishmallow cow?

Simply just take it out of your cupboard and give it to your kid. Watch their happiness grow tenfold after seeing the squishy toy!
Cow Squishmallow is called Candess. It’s an Easter cow toy. With a cream-colored body and small but pretty eyes, it’s a toy that kids love. It has two multi-shaded patches and a pink nozzle which makes it even more appealing.

It’s a popular choice among kids these days. So, wouldn’t you want to be in on that and give your child the best toy they could ever ask for? I’m sure you do! This is why we have compiled some information for you about the Cow Squishmallow to make it even easier for you to know why this is a perfect choice!

How Cute is The Cow Squishmallow!

Kids Love Candess

Nowadays, kids are always on their phones and iPods. It's not only harmful to their health but it also takes away something very important. And that is playing outside. kids should be playing outside rather than being on their phones all day because that plays a role in their energy. In the early years of your child's life, they should be out and about instead of being glued to their phones.

If you’re a parent, you must know how hard it is to get them off of their electronic devices. They make a fuss and refuse to play outside.

If that’s the case with you, then the Squishmallow cow is your savior.

Just give your child this toy and watch them completely forget their iPads. Cow squishmallow is a toy that your child can have a lot of fun playing with. They will completely fall in love with it!

A Partner for Every Event

Cow squishmallow is your child’s best friend! Wherever you go, you can easily take it with you. Their size is just right for that too!
Whether it be while watching T.V or feeding your child or even when listening to a bedtime story, the toy is amazing as a friend. This soft plushie is also super fun to cuddle with and helps in giving your kid a good night’s sleep.


We all know that kids love to play with cuddly toys. There is nothing more that they love more than that. But a bonus point about our cow Squishmallow is that it looks lovely too.
So if your kid already loves squishy toys, they will be even more enchanted with the pink cow squishmallow!
Cow Squishmallow is cream in color with two patches on its body. The patches have many different shades in them that make the cow look eye-catching to the kids. It has black round eyes and a pink nozzle. It also has cute little cow ears and horns which kids love to play with.

Other Editions of Cow Squishmallow

There is not just one edition of Cow Squishmallow. Because kids seemed to love it so much, we have other versions as well. These versions differ in appearance, but they are soft and squishy all the same.

Some of the editions that we have to the cow squishmallow are:

  • Connor the cow squishmallow
  • Belana squishmallow
  • Ronnie squishmallow
  • Bubba squishmallow
  • Caedyn squishmallow ( Pink cow squishmallow )

You can buy all these from our shop. All of them are available on our website. You can easily place an order and watch your kid be marveled!


Dimensions and Size 

Cow squishmallow has the dimensions of 8 x 5 x 8 inches. Although there are other dimensions as well, for example, 8’’, 12’’, 16; etc., the above-mentioned one is the most common.
Other than this, the size of the cow squishmallow is also perfect for kids to play with. It's also available in 40 centimeters and even 20 centimeters.

Finest Quality Material

When it comes to the quality of a toy, many manufacturers use worn-out material. So when these toys are produced, they don't have good quality. This means that they lose their stitching very soon and your kid is not able to play with it as much as they want. It also brings up difficulties for parents because they will have to buy it again for their kids.
This is why we ensure the finest quality of the Squishmallow cow. We understand the concerns of our buyers, so we have our products made by A-Grade suppliers. Our toys are handmade with polyester. Because the quality is so good, the stuffed toy can last up to a year or more.
So don't worry about the toy losing its stitching. We will never let you go through such a problem!

cow squishmallow

Super Easy To Wash

Has your kid made a complete mess while playing with the toy? If so, there’s no need to worry about it at all! All you need is a washer and you’re good to go!
Just put it in the washer where you do your laundry, and it will be cleaned easily. The fabric that we use is washable. This is why the Cow Squishmallow is easy to clean even if it gets dirty.
The fabric is easier to wash because we use a special material that has high stain repellence. What it means is that stains don’t easily leave their mark on the Cow Squishmallow.
So, the next time your kid has too much fun with the toy and ends up destroying it, don’t worry. Just grab the toy and let the washer clean it with ease!

Made for All Ages

Squishmallow Cow is for people of every age. From a small baby to an adult, everyone loves it!
So, if you’re worrying about if your kid is too young or too old for a stuffed toy, you don’t need to! Because let us tell you to know that you’re never a certain age to play with cow squishmallow.

squishmallow cow

Affordable Prices

You can find a lot of stores that sell the toy, but none of them will offer prices as competitive as ours. We offer stuffed toys at a cheap price for your kid’s joy. Not only is it cheap but we also don’t compromise on quality.
If you buy it from another store, sure you could get a cheap toy, but it won’t be as good as ours. Their quality will wear out within days. It’s not easy to find someone who sells a cheap as well as a good quality toy.
We also offer occasional discounts and offers for our customers. But our prices are already so cheap that you don’t even need a discount. We have already made our Squishmallows perfect for you in every way.

Gift Idea

Are you looking to buy a gift for someone? If so, what better idea than to buy a snuggly cow squishmallow that they can play with for days on end?
Squishmallows serve as the ideal gift idea with their cute features and softness. They come in a range of sizes and colors that makes it easier to choose if you have a specific preference. They bring happiness and an adventurous spirit to anyone who has them!

Candess Squishmallow is extra cute in the way that it’s an Easter cow. You can give this plushie to someone on any occasion including Easter!
Kids also love to collect things. So, a cow Squishmallow can add to their growing collection of squishy toys. So, grow your Squishmallow collection with this adorable cow plushie and invite joy into your life!


Can this toy easily get torn?
Not at all! It’s made up of very strong material for your kids. So, no matter how much your kids play with it, the toy will never get torn at any cost. That’s something we could assure you.

Are other types of the Cow Squishmallow just as durable too?
Yes. All our products are made of the finest quality material. They are resistant to wear and tear and can withstand the harsh situations of kids playing with them aggressively. So, you can purchase them with complete peace of mind.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the quality?
Yes, absolutely. We believe in the satisfaction of our customers. You can ask for a refund in case the toy does not compel you enough. We will refund you the money as soon as possible.

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